We Offer a Wide Range of Solar Control Window Tint Films

We Offer a Wide Range of Solar Control Window Tint Films

Today's modern office buildings feature attractive, floor-to-ceiling windows that bring in natural sunlight and offer a portal to the outside world. Since the sun's UV rays travel through windows and can lead to skin cancers, it's important that building owners provide protection to their occupants. Madico's solar control window film blocks up to 99% of the sun's damaging UV rays, while adding energy savings, temperature control, and privacy to your building.


Our commercial UV-blocking window film offers wide-ranging advantages for your school or business, ensuring that you can still bring in natural light while protecting staff members and guests from harmful rays. Madico is a trusted brand delivering highly effective products to meet the diverse needs of commercial and residential architectural buildings. We've delivered quality solutions for a wide variety of commercial clients, helping them get the most from their buildings with protected windows.


Whatever your building specifications, we can work with you to get the best UV window film solutions for your needs. At Madico, we have an extensive selection of products that can handle different architectural applications and provide all the benefits you're looking for from a window film installation.

Advantages of Safety & Security Window Tint

Save Money

Your windows have a significant impact on residential energy consumption. Madico solar control film cuts down heat in the summer and reflects it back into your home in the winter, reducing your energy bills and creating a more comfortable living environment.

Control Glare

When you have windows in your home, glare is inevitable — but it doesn’t have to affect your daily activities. You can reduce annoying glare that penetrates through windows and improve visibility on your TV and devices with our solar control film.

Improve Skin Protection

The sunlight that comes through your windows can be damaging to the skin. However, you can increase your family’s skin protection with our solar control film, which blocks 99% of the sun’s harmful UV rays. Our home UV window films are even recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation, further proving our dedication to quality and protection.

Prevent Fading

Most homeowners don’t realize that the sunlight that streams through their windows can impact their furniture. Constant exposure to the sun can speed up the fading of your floors, upholstery, and home furnishings, making them look worn, discolored, and out of date. Luckily, Madico solar control films reduce the effects of sunlight on your home furnishings, helping you preserve their quality for longer.

Accent Looks

Our solar control film is as stylish as it is practical. These glare control products are available in many shades and hues, so you can enhance your home’s look with your personal style. From reflective silver to solar bronze to designer gray, you’ll be sure to find a window film to suit your tastes.

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