We Offer a Wide Range of Commercial Film

We Offer a Wide Range of Commercial Film

Though we may not think about them often, our windows contribute more to our commercial buildings than just light and structural appeal. Windows offer numerous hidden advantages that can ultimately save you money, boost comfort, and even protect against property damage and loss.

You can maximize your window's benefits when you implement commercial window protection films into your facility. At Tint Masters we install high-quality commercial window tinting products and commercial safety window films that set the standard for quality and safety. With robust and reliable commercial window films in your office, restaurant, or retail establishment, you can ensure that you're getting the most from your windows at all times.

We Offer 3 Types of Commercial Tint

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Solar Control

Looking for comfort? Energy savings? Healthy features? Commercial window film reflects and absorbs the sun’s UV rays, protecting guests and employees from harmful light while reducing heat gain in the building. Because our commercial solar window films offer increased UV resistance, they reduce the risk of skin damage. With increased solar control, you can also expect less interference from outdoor temperatures, resulting in lower energy bills.

Safety & Security

There are many external forces that can lead to window breakage and glass shattering. Our safety & security films are designed to protect window and storefront glass to reduce the risk of injury, facility damage, or loss of assets due to natural disasters, graffiti, criminal activity, & explosions. No matter the threat, our high-impact commercial window tinting and commercial window protection film helps keep broken glass together, safeguarding your assets.


At Tint Masters we install commercial films that are as stylish as they are efficient. Our films feature an array of classic patterns and textures to create interior glass surfaces of unique sophistication. You can install privacy film on conference room glass to create sleek, functional meeting environments in the office, or make your storefront come alive with printable graphics. Contact us todoay to take your windows to the next level.

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